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Rejuvenate Your Precious Antiques

                                        with Our Porcelain and China Repair Services

Say goodbye to bothersome cracks and faults on your precious antiques when you let the experts at Invisible Repair take a look at them. We offer complete repair and restoration services to fragile antiques of every variety, including platters, figurines, crystal items, and vases.
Antique Broken China Repair
Whether you require minor fixes or major repairs, we are always available to lend our assistance to you when you need it the most. Count on us to offer exceptional quality china repair and restoration services for your collectibles, heirlooms, and priceless treasures.
Conservative China Restoration
Some antiques are so old that conventional repair techniques simply are not effective or feasible. In those instances, we offer conservative restoration services for ancient materials and artifacts that require extra special care.
Crystal Basket, Porcelain Restoration
Antiques, Porcelain Restoration

Invisible Repair and Restoration Services
Using the amazing art of invisible restoration, we will be able to fix any and all faults in your precious antiques. By the time we are through working on them, your treasures will look as though they were never damaged in the first place.
 Chips, Cracks, and Previously Glued Pieces Will 
    Be Completely Restored
 Missing Parts Will Be Skillfully Recreated
 Small Or Partial Repairs and Gluing Services Will
    Make Your Antiques Look As Good As New


Museum Putty and Museum Gel
Keep your sentimental treasures safe and sound for future generations with some of our extra-strength museum putty. This miracle substance is used by museum curators and professional antique collectors the world over to affix precious antiques to solid surfaces. With this putty, you can protect your valuable statues, crystal, glass, and vases from accidental breakage, theft, and even earthquakes. Contact us today to request our unparalleled
antique restoration and repair services.

Breathe new life into your favorite figurines with a bit of help
from our porcelain restoration crew in Denver, Colorado.


Antique Glass Resurfacing, Crystal/Glass/Porcelain/China/Complete & Partial Repairs, Denver, CO & Nationwide.