Invisible Repair, Antique Crystal/Glass/Porcelain/China/Complete & Partial Repairs, Denver, CO & Nationwide.
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Currently booked up until November 30th

By Appointment only 

Send photo's of your broken items to:



SUGGESTED SHIPPING DIRECTIONS for a less broken item! 

To prevent further damage to your items, please note the following shipping requirements:

Wrap the items in bubble wrap several times (if you send several broken pieces, please wrap each piece individually). Double box. Put lots of styrofoam packing peanuts in each box and in-between the boxes to prevent the items from rattling inside. 

Ship items via UPS (FedEx is fine, but no USPS please) and strongly recommend that you insure your package for $500.00 or more, but in no case less than the value of the items. Affix a “fragile” sticker on the box next to the shipping label.

If you plan to have a UPS store (or other ups affiliates) pack your items for you, please give them a copy of these instructions.

Please let us know when you plan to ship your items, so we will know when to expect them.

*We will provide you with our shipping address by e-mail.



Antique Glass Resurfacing, Crystal/Glass/Porcelain/China/Complete & Partial Repairs, Denver, CO & Nationwide.